I first finished my Avengers Loki cosplay for anime expo 2012 and am making changes and adding things as new stuff comes out/as I feel like it XD. I blog about random progress and Loki things. =]
feel free to ask any questions. I 'll do my best to help =]
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Sorry for the crumpled state of the paper and how it doesn’t look like it makes sense…. but when I sewed mine together, it definitely worked.

Since I sewed mine up quickly, I forewent the full complicated details of Loki’s coat, in particular the V-shape part in the back, but I’m sure it could be easily added in. I only made half of the coat as a pattern because the other half would be identical and I could just flip the patterns. All the extra pieces on Loki’s coat actually makes it quite form fitting to Hiddles’s back, but it’s quite hard to actually get that done right. (i am kind of a beginner sewer though -.-)

The arm sleeve top area and the V-shaped bottom area might not look like they would sew up properly but they do. (in reference to the last picture of the patterns I made) I’m not entirely sure how to explain it but I think it works like this. The top sleeve part will be pulled up and sewed together with the other top sleeve opening part and that will pull up the bottom part of the same piece and that’s why the angle of the V shape thing changes to match the beginning part of the V-shape thing… The change in angle happens to be where the midline of the jacket is as in the middle of the side seems.

Personally, I’d like to go back and make a better more accurate simpler pattern, but I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon because I’m not hung up enough on it to re-sew it… plus I don’t have anymore of the green cloth. I think it would be easiest for someone to modify a pattern based off of this one if they wanted to. I hope this helps. My ask box is always open if I can help

such a perfect thor/loki video T-T

doesn’t matter if you see it as brotherly love or slash

It took me forever to sort out how the shirt would work out….and how I’d sew the diagonals on (more on that later)

I sewed the stripes together (the left side ones together and the right side ones together) respectively and made sure to leave EXTRA space un-sewed btw each stripe so that the stripes could over/underlap each other in the middle. I then sewed each piece of stripes (right stripes and left stripes) to the right and left side of the BACK of the shirt instead of sewing the diagonals together first. I sewed the diagonals together after the sides were sewed up. Originally I planned on putting in a side zipper (which I did but it didn’t help too much on making it easier to put the shirt on…) but in the end I opted to sew the zipper down the back of the shirt in the middle. (like how dresses have zippers in the back).

Will try my best to explain how I sewed the stripes together with paper samples later. I actually ended up cutting out paper versions of every stripe I intended to sew to figure out how best to sew it….

I sewed on the top green part of the shirt with the pleather collar AFTER sewing on the stripes.

This is one of the sleeves of doom for loki’s costume. I actually measured the diameter of my arm from the top elbow and the wrist to get it right and made sure i gave extra space around the elbow area for bending but i forgot that I was making the sleeves out of pleather….which isn’t very flexible or nice compared to other clothe so now it’s JUST perfect…making it quite uncomfortable to wear int he long run because it’s like airtight. (so my arms feel pretty terrible under the sun…) but they are actually still quite nice sleeves, I just suggest giving yourself at least an inch of leeway.

Will upload pattern for sleeves later =]

Also when I was sewing to make the diagonal lines and patterns on the sleeves, I made sure that the piece i cut out for the sleeves were MUCH bigger than the pattern because when you fold and sew all the lines on the pattern, they shift the shape of the piece of clothe you cut. After all the diagonal ect lines are sewed up, you can retrace the shape of that part of the sleeve and cut it, don’t forget the sewing leeway you need.

The sleeve is of course done in three parts as i hope you can see, the top triangle ish part and the bottom right and left parts, which are then all sewed together. I also hot glue gunned down the little folded parts that stick up from when you sewed in all the diagonal lines and such. so that way they’re all facing one direction on the outside.

This is the core of the Tesserect fragment in Loki’s scepter. I made it using the hard plastic merchandise comes in. I’m really sorry for not taking many progress pics, but i basically cut out the general shape i wanted it to be, so two pieces the same shape and then used clear packing tape to make the shape of it. I’ll post another post with the general shape of what the shape of the plastic was, it was kind of like a long oval but with an extra strip of plastic at the bottom of the long side of the oval. The strip is there so i can make it into a circle shape and tape it to the other oval. I then dipped it into blue acrylic paint and dabbed away the excess. I hope that makes sense….

I taped it to the end of a small 4-LED flashlight!

me at anime expo 2012

now preparing to fix some things for my loki cosplay as this was my first run in the cosplay =] will post about progress

this was day 2 of anime expo 2012 didn’t have my helmet and anime expo was the first time i’ve worn this so there were problems x-x (cough cough the ribbon)