I first finished my Avengers Loki cosplay for anime expo 2012 and am making changes and adding things as new stuff comes out/as I feel like it XD. I blog about random progress and Loki things. =]
feel free to ask any questions. I 'll do my best to help =]
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Ultimate Spider-Man - Run Pig Run

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Thor, Marvel's The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World

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It took them THREE movies to get the credits right

never get tired of puns

never get tired of puns

such a perfect thor/loki video T-T

doesn’t matter if you see it as brotherly love or slash


thor//the avengers//thor the dark world parallels [part 1]

THIS^ everything about loki’s development that I can’t articulate! I hope that Loki will eventually see for himself how much he is really worth. You are not a monster Loki!

soooooo, i suppose this means more loki just not in avengers 2 >:D

up close pictures of each part, except the gold ribbon part which i did not make into it’s own separate pattern piece.

I put the two best ref. pics for the sleeves that I could find right now below. I’ve also seen another variation on the sleeve ends (and the forearm armor) besides the one you see in the last pic so the end of my sleeves are  diff from this one pictured here. Both sleeves I saw were formed to follow the armor shape though.

I tried to explain the main break down of how I made the sleeves. Mainly had 6 separate parts. This sleeve is overkill, what kind of sleeve has this many components to it!!!!!!!3rd pic: the red line = around where the elbow would bend
i made a rough estimate of where the armored piece would go and outlined it in red

Instead of working on my essay, studying for my midterm or working on my hw assignment…. I spent more than half my entire night and day not sleeping looking up loki related things online/tumblr…. and made this loki black hole video to represent how i feel about my life right now.

Post Loki 2 depression. I’m going to see it again this weekend too T-T


…scroll up…scroll down…up…down…up…down…up…down…up…down…up…….

some people think that there’s 5 or 4 tails on his jacket and wanted proof it’s really 3 on each side so 6 tails in total, HERE’S PROOF BEHOLD!

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It took me forever to sort out how the shirt would work out….and how I’d sew the diagonals on (more on that later)

I sewed the stripes together (the left side ones together and the right side ones together) respectively and made sure to leave EXTRA space un-sewed btw each stripe so that the stripes could over/underlap each other in the middle. I then sewed each piece of stripes (right stripes and left stripes) to the right and left side of the BACK of the shirt instead of sewing the diagonals together first. I sewed the diagonals together after the sides were sewed up. Originally I planned on putting in a side zipper (which I did but it didn’t help too much on making it easier to put the shirt on…) but in the end I opted to sew the zipper down the back of the shirt in the middle. (like how dresses have zippers in the back).

Will try my best to explain how I sewed the stripes together with paper samples later. I actually ended up cutting out paper versions of every stripe I intended to sew to figure out how best to sew it….

I sewed on the top green part of the shirt with the pleather collar AFTER sewing on the stripes.

the six tails of loki’s jacket, will post the pattern for it later =]


GB! Avengers gathering - Anime Expo 2012 (open in new tab for larger image)

(from left to right)

Hawkeye - [Amburr]
Cap. America - [Sonteen]
Iron Man - [Anzu]
Thor - [fwips]
Loki 1 - ??? (if you know this cosplayer tag them??) krazeden on tumblr or kazukideng on DA
Loki 2 - [kat

((clark was supposed to be here as our male Black Widow but he wasnt feeling super at the time so he wasnt in this picture)) 

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Watch out, we got some bad asses over here!

That’s me as Jotun!loki With my wonderful Casket of Ancient Winters~

OMG :D it’s the whole crew! -avengers loki

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