I first finished my Avengers Loki cosplay for anime expo 2012 and am making changes and adding things as new stuff comes out/as I feel like it XD. I blog about random progress and Loki things. =]
feel free to ask any questions. I 'll do my best to help =]
Recently went to PMX 2013-
ALA 2014 ....................Loki Refs album

Sooo, this is my loki chains/manacles ref post. After some research on chains and such (which will give u some scary google results…) I found out Loki’s chains are similar to Chain gang chains used for slave labor to link people together before…


For some reason I found out because I saw these costume chains on Amazon.


This may be an option to build off the loki chains, but I’m going to go visit a hardware store first to see how much and what types of chains they sell first. Most of the time, local and chain hardware stores (like Home Depot or Lowes) will sell chains for a good price and help you cut the desired length you’d like.

You might be wondering how you would connect the separate chains/ chain sections. You use chain parts that are called quick link chains. They’re chain links that can lock/unlock and connect chains. Like this

This link below has pictures of the props on display at the Disneyland display for the Thor Loki 2 movie right now. (display will end early January! I’m hoping to get to see the display up close before they’re gone. I wish Disney allowed people in costumes to go besides kids)


Good luck making your loki chains/manacles! I’ll post more on my progress after I get the materials together.

Translation for the words on the cuffs are credited to http://americanangel117.deviantart.com/art/Thor-2-Loki-s-Chains-405401879

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